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Speed and Capability is Nothing Without CONTROL!


Even the best of equipment with the latest features is no good if you can’t use it how you need to use it! What I mean by this is that we need to consider the way we will be using cameras and video equipment to help us make the best decision of the equipment we want. For instance some equipment is designed more for studio environment with limited portability options, especially for me as I am shooting in rugged conditions. Since a lot of times I’m out in the field by myself with my dogs I need camera control to be as unobtrusive as possible! In addition it can be very cumbersome especially in post-production if I just set the camera to record my whole event or adventure because all the editing time it takes to search for the perfect seen or shot that may have been captured by the camera while I was filming everything.

I, therefore, am always in search of remote control options to assist me with shooting only the things I want to shoot. There are quite a bit of remote control options out there especially when you consider how many cameras implement the use of Wi-Fi to connect to a smart phone or tablet device. The problem with this is 2 fold. Most connections, especially to a smart phone will drain the battery relatively quickly especially in the display device such as a smart phone since we rely on our smart phones for so many daily tasks, chances are we will get a text or phone call during the filming which can interrupt the filming process or at least the connectivity from the smart phone to the camera. But a bigger challenge is that most of these cameras that connect to Wi-Fi only offer a connection to 1 camera at a time which makes any video we will be shooting very one dimensional, unless while filming we are cognizant enough out there in the field to change the position of the camera 4 or 5 times during the filming event. The only issue with that is that it’s another task to remember!

Changing the camera position will definitely give you a different view and add more sophistication to video but the view you get may not be where the action is! Yes, there are some systems that will control multiple cameras with one Wi-Fi connected device but the only caveat to that is that controls all the devices at one time. So that means when you hit the record button if you have five cameras set up, it’s recording what each one of those cameras is seeing, that’s a ton of footage to go through in post-production and to me defeats the purpose of having a remote control. So when there’s a need I can usually find away and I have taken available equipment out there and created a way to control five cameras independently, wow!

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