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Live Broadcasts


With the ability now, almost anybody in any modern day circumstance is able to live broadcast their experience almost instantly. I’ve been live broadcasting from the field for better than five years now in much more challenging times before all the technological advances and accessibility were available.

I’ve had my crew (the WooFDriver Pit Crew) flying down the trail following me in the dog cart with laptop in hand and a pretty substantial broadcast cable camera as they were bouncing around trying to keep up with me and the dogs! We went to great extents to be able to bring my audience live views from some very remote areas as well as from some city streets! Yes, that’s right, we actually “mushed” my team of sled dogs through the National Mall at night, in Washington DC! From the Lincoln Memorial past the Washington Monument to right near the steps of the US Capitol! And yes we did a live broadcast of this most incredible adventure on my Ustream channel.

As Facebook, Periscope, and now Twitter have evolved and offer ways to broadcast live from almost any cell phone, this can be an everyday occurrence that almost anybody can participate in. There are still some challenges with this latest technology especially if you are putting it to the test, as I do every time in my quest to bring my audience closer and more excited on my ventures.

I have spent countless hours researching, implementing, and advancing these capabilities in ways most would have never dreamed! You see complicated scenarios such as the situations we engage with frequently, like my dog trip adventures really pose a challenge from situations like being able to broadcast from my phone on social media and have the ability to be audible.

It sounds relatively easy but because of a mobile phones design and the way it works for these broadcasts the only reliable way to have audio and be able to talk to the audience as we are broadcasting is limited to using the phones internal microphone….! So this means the phone needs to be near enough to the microphone in order to pick up my voice and therefore I have to hold the phone or attach it to me close to my head! Well try doing that and mushing a team of sled dogs!

In addition to the physical challenge of this situation it also makes for a very one dimensional view since you would only see the broadcast from my perspective and for some it would even be hard to understand what I am doing! Now, what if we could put the phone/camera in somebodies hands that would be filming me in another vehicle as they would then be able to show what I am doing! Sounds AWESOME and it is with just one caveat, how can the viewers hear me since the p looney/camera is ahead of me broadcasting the view of me mushing my pack of sled dogs?

Well, after much of the research and painstaking hours I mentioned that I have done, I found a solution that you probably wouldn’t get from anybody else because it’s about the only solution possible to date! It’s a very sophisticated and specialized wireless audio device that still needs to be custom implemented!!!! WOW!! Since I have evolved with this technology, I have a lot to share to help you be able to do the most with this most incredible opportunity for your adventures, business, and/or special times.

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