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 Different Lenses for Different Looks


Shooting the same subject matter as I do, over and over sometimes gets a little mundane! That’s one of the reasons I’m probably the best person out there to be getting this kind of advice from! You see, I’m in search of the most creative and changing ways to photograph my dogs and our adventures, again to keep my audience engaged, entertained, and always excited to see what’s next! You will be amazed how the same subject matter or scene can look totally different using the cameras and lenses featured in this section and understanding their capabilities.

Yes, there is always the big questions like Canon or Nikon, mirror or mirror-less, point-and-shoot or DSLR, so many questions and so many possibilities. I absolutely love it!! It seems like there’s actually infinite possibilities to get as creative and focused (no pun intended) as your mind will let you. I actually have some of all of the major manufactures and use them in different situations. Sometimes depending upon conditions we will be in as well as the variety of options I want to have to frame a scene or shot.

In addition, because I’m usually running with my team, not only of Dogs but of people! I like to put cameras in their hands and some are more experienced than others. I personally really get to experience the gamut of user knowledge paired with sophistication of cameras and have learned what is truly ease-of-use. As well as new tricks of the trade as some of my team are professional photographers and have taught me more than a thing or two over the years! Again giving me an incredible perspective of different capabilities of these cameras depending on one’s camera knowledge and artistry!

With all the great camera manufacturers and accessory producers you can get pretty BUCK wild! And that’s about what I do daily… In this section I will evaluate and offer a selection of lenses like you’ve probably never seen before! I will also show my results with each of these lenses on an individual basis so you can really get a grasp of the possibilities and their capabilities. Before I started doing this stuff I had no idea there were so many incredible options out there, through my research, expense, and never slowing mind you’ll be able to witness this all right here!

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