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Cases and Portability


Probably the most important aspect, just about as important as your equipment itself, is how it’s going to travel and how well you can use it in the field. Lots of times when we spend a lot of money on anything, such as our camera equipment, we want to protect it as much is possible. Unfortunately, sometimes that means we leave it in the most secure place possible, like our homes, to be safe and protected and therefore sacrifice the use of this equipment.

I feel the more use I get out of my equipment the more I can justify the expense and feel like I’ve got my money’s worth. Therefore, I am in constant pursuit of finding the most effective and efficient ways of transporting it and having it with me as much as possible. To me, equipment that is scuffed, bruised, and shows heavy signs of use is well loved equipment. Remember a lot of this equipment is of course technology-based and it depreciates quickly.

I’m not of the notion of getting a lifetime of use out of it, I am more of getting the most use out of it in the quickest amount time. Therefore, when something new comes along I feel good about upgrading. Obviously, I got a great ways to protect equipment but I want to balance that with not being hesitant to take it almost anywhere!

Being out on the trails in the wilderness with the dogs on usually very rugged terrain requires a lot of protection and care for my equipment. Therefore, I travel using cases such as the Pelican and Nanuk brands. These hard cases with ratings such as being totally waterproof even capable of taking abuse of a truck running over them and protecting everything inside.

Let me tell you something I put this to the test almost daily and they have never let me down. These cases are also very customizable such as interior to configure almost any way you deem fit. These options include padded foam that you can easily shape to fit your equipment, as well as padded dividers which attach and customize through padded Velcro. In addition, I have researched and sampled at great lengths wearable camera slings and hip cases that enable me to have a camera attached to me at almost all times, so when the opportunity presents itself I can grab the camera instantly.

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