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One of the most important aspects I have learned about shooting photos and video is perspective! What a true concept both in the physical and mental sense. Looking at anything from a different angle can really give you a total different perspective.

Psychologically it maybe a situation you’re evaluating in your mind, or something you’re witnessing unfold in front of you. Physically it may be just moving the camera to a different position such as my shooting underneath the dog looking up. This angle is actually one of my favorite perspectives. To film some perspectives such as the one I’m referring to “underneath the dog looking up” towards his face looks best with a wide angle camera lens so you can actually get the view of the sky or surroundings as well as the dog to help frame the perspective.

As I explained since I’m doing relatively similar activities and I want to keep my audience from getting bored I have gone to great extents to provide different mounting options for different views of the similar situations I’m filming. Different mounting options include mounting the camera to other moving vehicles such as a drone to give an aerial or overhead perspective. As well as putting a camera on the Dog and getting a view from his or her perspective.

The trick with this is obviously the sometimes erratic in fast movements but the dogs will engage in especially when we are active. Therefore, going to great lengths to find cameras that provide the best software stabilization and I have even pioneered A way to attach to certain collars I am using to eliminate virtually all independent camera movement.

Even though the dog maybe moving with great speed or lots of motion, if the camera is securely fashioned in instead of moving around independently, like hanging or loosely connected, then the video will appear so much more stable. The same holds true when I attach the camera to a vehicle such as the bikes we ride. If the camera is snug and secure eliminating any independent movement you could take it on its own, than the video will be much more steady! In this section I will explore many mounting options and creative ideas I have used to provide the many views throughout my many years of doing this!

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