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 Automated Editing


I’ve worked with some top film editors and producers but as with anything else this is a money and time issue. So for expediency and cost cutting measures I’ve explored and found a few automated and editing scenarios. Actually these automated systems are very inexpensive relatively speaking and when I know I’m filming for them I actually film differently and much more effectively. So they help me become a better videographer as basically I get rid of a lot of the filler footage and look for only prime shots, therefore filming a lot less footage but a lot more usable footage. With the automated editing scenarios I will show you how this footage is then put together tastefully and even with the ability to use sophisticated transitions and video speed control included with other options to assemble a tip notch production quick and cheap!

Think about it, if you want to keep your audience engaged putting new content in front of them as often as possible can really help the excitement. Even sometimes if you’re relatively show the same thing just from a different angle or in a different light your audience will start getting your message and when peppered with enough excitement keep them engaged and constantly wanting more…. I believe I’m one of the few people worldwide that has gone to extent that I have made the investment that I have with the help large company behind me. Therefore I’m thinking like most concerned about their time and possible.

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