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Nikon DSLR Lenses

Nikon DSLR Lenses

When it comes to lenses there happens to be thousands of lenses from different brands. One brand has always been able to hold it’s own, steer away from the pack and sit at the top of the totem pole. That company would be none other than Nikon. They’ve found what works, what the consumer likes and how to market it and sell their products at a fair price. When it comes to the lenses they are at the top of the pack. It’s hard to beat that Nikon glass. Some of their lenses you would think were made out of gold for the price tag that they want. Nikon offers anything from your basic kit lenses, to many different prime focal lengths and a variety of zoom lenses. Nikon carries a couple prime lenses such as the 85mm and the 135mm that are superb. The quality of picture you can


get out of these is amazing. Not to mention the color saturation and the bokeh that accompanies them when used with a low aperture. One great thing that Nikon has kept the same over the decades of photography, is they kept their mount the same. It hasn’t changed since the first lens and still remains the same. That’s huge for people that have older lenses. Those old lenses are the cream of the crop. The way they were produced back then, the quality of the glass and the build of the lens is one that can’t be seen now days. You have cheaper glass, lighter lenses, which is due to the fact of saving money and making a majority of them out of plastic. With those old lenses you can mount them right up on and DSLR body. The only change you need to make is to change the camera over to manual focus. The auto focusing system that Nikon has accompanied with their DSLR lenses is wicked fast. They even give Sony a run for their money now a days. Nikon also has a 70-200 2.8 lens that is amazing. It’s a great telephoto lens or can even be used to get some amazing portrait shots. When you’re doing portraits you want your lens to be sharp and give a nice blur effect to the background. This lens does that and then some. When you buy a Nikon body you can rest assured that their are plenty of lenses to suit whatever need you might have. Just remember that when you start getting into those really low aperture, especially with zoom lenses, the price tag is going to sky rocket. If you’re serious about your work then that really isn’t an issue. Nikon has been blazing trails for decades. Winning awards and conquering the competition because they’ve perfected their art. It’s hard to look pass the success they’ve had and not say their products don’t work. They’re at the top of the mountain and plan on staying their for the foreseeable future. Nikon is King.

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