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Camera vs Lens

Camera vs Lens

It’s a great topic and a good question. Something that can be talked about endlessly. Is it better to have a good camera or a good lens? This will be a topic that many will debate and argue about. In a previous article I said that the camera doesn’t make the photographer, the photographer makes the camera. That’s still what I’m sticking with when it comes to this topic. The body that you’re using isn’t the a huge deal. A good photographer can make any body work. You just have to know what your doing and be good at it. It takes thousands of pictures and double the screw ups to understand just the basics. Once you have ISO, aperture and shutter speed down, the possibilities are practically


endless. The only thing that an expensive body is good for are lower light conditions. More pricey cameras often have better ISO performance. This means that they work well in poor lighting conditions. You can bump the ISO higher and don’t have to worry about grain or noise in your photographs as much. Now getting to my point, I think it’s better to have a great lens. One reason is if you have a lens with a low aperture, we’re talking 1.8 and down, that lens will be able to let in an incredible amount of light. Therefor you don’t necessarily need a camera with great ISO. The more light your lens is letting in the lower you are able to keep your ISO and avoid grainy pictures. I personally am a fan of grain. I like how it makes some photos look and the feel that it gives to them. It works best with film cameras but that’s for another discussion. Another plus about having a great lens is the glass. Most of your basic lenses are made of cheaper glass. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get great photos from them. It just means that they won’t be as sharp, detailed or have the best color saturation. When you end up paying a thousand plus dollars for a lens, there is a reason. That’s why some Nikon, Canon, Zeiss and especially Leica lenses are so expensive. Instead of the glass being made in a factory line up, many times, it’s made completely by hand. The lenses are then constructed by hand. You pay for what you get. If you stick with one brand getting a good lens can fit on multiple different bodies. That means that if in the future you decide to upgrade you can take that amazing glass with you on the next journey. In conclusion, personally speaking, stick with good glass. You can make any body work if your good with your camera and have an ounce of knowledge about what you’re doing. Camera’s can only get you so far. Being an artist will get you further than a wad of cash will.

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