Best Camera in Photography

Best Camera in Photography

Best Camera in Photography

This isn’t an easy subject to cover. It’s more of an opinion than it is cold hard facts. This would be no different than asking what is the fastest car, the nicest or built the best. Everyone is going to have a difference of opinion and the same is true about cameras. There are photographers that will only shoot Canon or Nikon. They don’t even bother considering other brands because to them, that one is the best, no amount of real facts or arguing will sway them. That’s perfectly fine too. In my personal opinion, the best camera in the world, is the one that is in your hands. I’m a firm believer that the camera doesn’t make the photographer, the photographer makes the camera. Does having a expensive camera help? Absolutely. Is an expensive camera necessary? Not one bit.

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If you’re good at what you’re doing cameras shouldn’t make a difference. The most basic of camera can take amazing photos if put in the right hands. Photos are more then sharpness. Pixel peepers, are what I like to call them, will be the ones to judge you on how clean your photo looks. There are usually a couple of those in every group. The other eight out of ten photographers will look at compelling photo and say, “Wow this is amazing.” Is there blur in it? Maybe. Is it a little on the grainy side? It might be. But the content that the photo holds out weighs all of the insignificant negatives that the other people will try to come up with. The blur might even add to the picture. Blurry isn’t always a negative. Blur in photos can represent motion and maybe that’s what you are going for and that’s the story that the viewer is seeing. A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s one of the truest sayings in photography, still today. There is no good, better or best. The only camera that matters is what you have when the moment happens. If you have one of the most expensive camera’s in the world and you miss the moment, what good did that camera do for you. You just spend $6,000 on something that is shooting no real content. Camera’s will keep improving and the elitist will never stop. They’ll be sure to tell you how to photograph, what to photograph and definitely when you’re doing it wrong. Take those words with a grain of salt and keep on doing your thing. If you try and shoot what other people tell you to, then you’ll never be happy. You won’t ever be doing it for you. In closing, take whatever camera you currently have and keep shooting. Shoot every day with it. Practice with different lighting, people and terrains. The only way to get better is to work at. You’ll soon find out that it never was the camera making great photos…it was you.

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