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Welcome to action digital cameras! This is like no other website you probably ever visited as I am an extreme Dog Adventurer and I go to great lengths to capture all these incredible moments we are experiencing on our adventures.

I strive to capture videos, photos, and even sounds in the most diversified and creative fashions to keep my audience’s attention and excite them with anticipation looking forward to my next post. As well as to document these incredible times the most exciting ways possible. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years now and have implemented this forever advancing technological revolution! One of my biggest expenses has been my camera investment and as technology keeps on evolving I keep adding to my collection so I thought this website would be the perfect venue to share my equipment experiences and provide examples as well as ideas that include ways to use a lot of this technology and cameras that most probably would’ve never dreamed of.

So if you’re thinking about getting a camera, upgrading or maybe even modifying your current camera, or just looking for ideas and ways to document and share what you do, you have come to the right place. I film from land, air, and even the sea including in the dark of the night! So you will be able to see underwater filming and pictures, as well as exploring different drones, Point of View Cameras as in my case the Dog’s Point of View which means attaching a camera to the dog which is a challenge in itself, and even infrared cameras, as well as filming in high rates of speed which means being able to capture fast motions and slow them down without blurring such as a dog shaking the water off of him or her!!

It’s amazing filming at high rates of speed and then going back and reviewing the footage as a lot of this speed cannot be seen with the naked eye so the story is not really known until you review the footage!! This is so exciting to me and I’m sure as I discuss it more you will be captivated by this as well! These different cameras are only part of the story as filming from different angles and views is a big part of capturing the moment as well so camera mounts and mounting ideas are also explored here. In addition, I will cover different ideas and even share some of the apps I use for filters and special-effects, which, when used in the right way can really add a lot to a photo. There’s so much more I’m going to share here so please sign up for email notifications and be sure to come back often as we adventure almost daily so this website will be updated often and new cameras, ideas, and understandings will constantly be posted!

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